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2ounce ova rub

Hemp Flower

Synergistic Process

InnovativeCBD produces the most advanced CBD products, period.

Our ground breaking process. We’re the innovators of the most efficient form of Co2 extraction technology or ISPMP (Innovative Synergistically Present Molecular Preservation). It’s a truly revolutionary process that uses zero solvents and combines several types of organically grown hemp. Yielding a product with all of hemp’s natural beneficial compounds. Unharmed and partially decarboxylated to retain the CBDa properties of the hemp plant. 

During our process, the hemp is never stripped of any compounds- nothing is ever taken away. After extraction, our oil still has all of the naturally occurring terpenes and the raw CBDa remains intact. We never artificially blend from an isolated CBD, add external terpenes, or otherwise “spike” our oil. Transparency and Purity – Customers trust us

Because we embody quality and consistency. From growing our own organic, hand-harvested hemp to small-batch processing, we oversee and ensure all aspects of our products. We make CBD in multiple effective delivery methods that are available through your practitioner, health food retailer, and direct-to-home delivery. To us, your experience is everything. Unlike our competitors, we 3rd party test the original extracted oil in its raw form. That is before it has been diluted into a carrier oil or finished product. 

Our process tests for more than 66 pesticides. And if even a trace amount of a toxin is present, we remove the batch and start over again. Going above and beyond to guarantee that what you put in your body is safe. All of our products are certified to the strictest standards of testing – the California Cannabis Industry guidelines. It is our mission to spare no expense when it comes to the purity of Innovative CBD products. In an effort to give you full transparency, we even provide full product traceability from seed to consumer. You can use each batch number to view where the seed came from. Also its journey through our production plant and the testing lab. And how it arrived at its final destination – You. 

Our Guarantee to You

There is a lot of talk about CBD, and the biggest concerns are whether or not you are getting the product advertised. We make it our number one priority and promise to you, through our 30-day guarantee that our products are safe, tested, organic, pure, containing the widest full-spectrum concentrations. So that you can rest assured, knowing you get precisely what you want, reliably and consistently. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund. Simple, pure, and reliable, just like our products.


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